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Are you an undergrad or post-grad student looking for student accommodation next year? Does the prospect make you anxious or worried? We have you covered!

Pavilion Properties specialises in student lettings and helping Brighton’s student population find somewhere that works for them. We’ve put together a list of tips and pointers on how to find the best student houses in Brighton and the south coast for 2021 for anyone feeling stressed or worried about the process. 

Tips to Find the Best Uni Accommodation For You

  1. First things first: you’re not too late. 

Watching your friends pair off and divide into cosy groups to live in next year can put unpleasant pressure on you to do the same, even if your circumstances present difficulties that mean you might need more time before you can safely commit to anything. 

Take your time. Breathe. Many student housing situations get signed off in April without a hitch. You have plenty of time. 

1. Talk to your friends. 

Especially older friends in their second, third or fourth year. They may have an opening in their own housing arrangements are might be looking for an extra housemate next year. Maybe they’ll know which streets to avoid and which streets have the least traffic noise to you can knuckle down and study. Try to match personalities: if your friend enjoys fitness or nightlife like you do, ask them what they like and/or regret about their current living arrangements and research accordingly. 

2. Find a student letting agent you can trust

If you’re going through an agency, make sure they have the credentials to match. Try to find testimonials on Google reviews and website testimonials. Also, make sure they offer comprehensive and regular property management throughout your tenancy. There’s nothing worse than moving into a new environment with a bunch of different people, be they friends or strangers, only to find yourselves on your own as soon as things start going wrong! 

So, save yourself some stress and carry out a bit of research first; it doesn’t have to be massively in-depth, but it should cover certain platforms, such as their website, google reviews, social media accounts and even your university student forums. 

3. Evaluate your priorities. 

The rent you pay every month has to match your needs and preferences as closely as possible. Brighton’s university campuses are spread across the city. For example, if living close-by to campus and the library is not crucial to you, you may want to consider living away from the city centre. Hove has some perfect student seafront properties that are typically cheaper than Brighton houses.

On the other hand, if you thrive in busy areas and campus proximity is important to your lifestyle and social life, living centrally in places like Elm Grove may be best for you. Living centrally comes with a higher price tag, however, so areas like Coldean may be worth looking up as slightly more affordable alternatives.

4. Keep a level head. 

This goes for the entire house hunt and tenancy process. Moving in with your mates can be great but can also pose challenges you will not have thought of. There will be lots of moments that require diplomacy and compromise, because while you can be understanding of Milton absolutely needing the draining board to conduct frog breeding experiments, the dishes will not be washing or drying themselves, so Solutions Must Be Reached.

5. Ask the right questions. 

This goes double if you’re renting from a landlord rather than from an agency, especially if you are handling/negotiating your tenancy agreement yourself. These questions may sound boring, but the answers can give you a pretty good idea of what kind of life you’ll be signing up for in the next year. 

What does the rent cover? (ie: are bills included?) Where is the boiler? Where is the electrical board? When were the white goods installed? Is this a non-smoking property?

6. Look out for red flags. 

We’re talking damp, mould, the state of neighbourhood cars and properties around you, and bad neighbours (especially very loud ones, usually identifiable by the number of empty bottles outside). Ask about certain student areas on group chats and forums; it’s likely that others will have a fair share to say about them.

Did you know all our tenants also get access to the exclusive Pavilion Card? This is a bonus card that allows all tenants to get exclusive offers in a number of restaurants, bars and shops around Brighton. This is valid even if you do not attend the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex.

We can help you through this. View our properties or contact Pavilion to arrange a viewing.